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Teenager used his father's licensed rifle to shoot and kill his own mother. He showed no remorse, said police. »
A man was killed by his seventh wife who had earlier tried to give impression that her husband died in an accident. »
Khan who was returning after attending Ijtima in Bhopal, was stopped by police in Guna district and later died, kin alleged he was tortured. »
The man had watched Youtube videos and had superstitious belief that the act would make him wealthy. »
The death of seven persons shook the city and entire state. The suspect, Sanjay Dixit alias Shubham has been arrested. »
Woman was murdered and here child was also found dead. Traumatized, her husband committed suicide after the incident. »
The teenaged couple was in love and hence villagers assaulted them, paraded the couple and shamed in Basti. Police have registered a case against assailants »
They abducted the girl and tried to pour a poisonous liquid in her eyes in an attempt to blind her. »
Traffic policeman had got the youth's bike picked up through a crane and slapped penalty for leaving it in a 'No Parking' zone. Youth had attacked him with a knife, resulting in cop's death. »
Shockingly, the duo showed vulgar content on mobile phone to the child. The injured victim informed her family and accused arrested. »
The women' insistence on their live-in partners to marry them, angered the youths and they brutally attacked victims with knife and abandoned. »
Activist alleged that bribe was taken from accused to hush it up but later FIR registered on top officer's intervention. »
She had a relationship with brother-in-law, and managed to hide husband's murder for five years. Later, killed brother-in-law as well. »
Bike borne youths intercepted the car and fired shots, killing the couple. The couple was out on bail in a double murder case. »
Can top cops in other states emulate Anjani Kumar and issue similar statements to stop brutality on people during lockdowns. »
Family said Suhail was framed, tortured, that there are marks on body and money was demanded for his release. »
The parents, one a chemistry professor and the other gold medalist in mathematics, believed that their daughters would come alive again. »
The revenue official turned politician was BJP's city chief till recently. Multiple cases have been registered against him. »
Iron rod was inserted into the woman's private parts, causing the death. The main accused Satya Narayan has been caught. »
This is not the first such incident. Another man in Jaunpur had also lost his wife and let friends gang rape her, last year. »
The youth attacked the girl and killed her on the spot in Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam (Vizag) in Andhra. »
Sanjay killed Rafiqa and later nine others including six members of Md Maqsood's family to hide his crime. »
It took barely two months for the love marriage to come to such a tragic end. Residents in Indore shocked with the crime. »
After killing the youth in his sleep with an axe, she told her husband that she had done her work and sacrificed the son. »
The brutal assault caused fracture in her spine that led to paralyzed limbs. The girl from Hathras in UP, later died. »
The girl was critically injured and had several fractures. The neuro-surgeon and child surgeons were called but she couldn't be saved. »
After the one-month old baby girl was reported missing, the body was found and it has been revealed that she was killed. »
While police began probe on the hoodlum's allegations, there was no action on members of the group who humiliated, assaulted teenagers in Bhopal. »
He was involved in killing nearly 100 truck and taxi drivers, whose bodies were thrown in canal that had crocodiles. »
With over 60 criminal cases against him including murder of a minister-of-state rank leader in police station, Dubey is a hardened criminal. »
The incident occurred in the wake of a case in Betul (MP) where a lawyer was beaten because of his beard. »
The child who was found unconscious, was rushed to hospital and is recovering. The accused has been arrested. »
A man who had attacked a Muslim vegetable vendor in Delhi, and used abusive language, has been arrested. »
She was raped by those including a 'friend' whom she had called for help during lock down enforced to stop spread of coronavirus. »
He got into such a fit of rage that he strangulated his mother to death & even pumped a bullet in her body. »
33 victims including 22 women--all Muslims, were burnt in Sardarpura during Gujarat killings in 2002. Convicts asked to do social service. »
Of the 42 cases, four cases have fraud to the tune of more than Rs 1,000 crores and 11 in the range of 100-1,000 crores. »
'They gave him electric shocks and hit him with lathis and screwdriver', said the victim's minor son. »
The police claim that Babli Kol and his gang member Lavlesh, were killed in an encounter in the forests in Satna in Eastern part of the state. »
Balram, Bhagvendra, Shubham Tiwari and Sunil Singh are among those arrested. ATS team has rushed to Satna to interrogate suspects. »
The monster who raped and murdered caught on CCTV, arrested along with co-accused but victim's head yet to be found. »
Apart from Agarwal, 53, who has now got bail, a journalist booked for 'spreading misinformation' has now been released now. »
They had attacked Usman Qureshi's dairy, smashed goods & accused him of bovine smuggling but cops found allegations untrue. »
They offered her liquor and when she refused, they gang-raped her. The issue first reached panchayat and later the police. »
First convicted of raping a 5-year-old, he comes out of jail and rapes-murders a 9-year-old whose mother was ill. »
Sen, a policeman, stepped into the car showroom, pointed his gun at the owner Sanjay Agarwal and fired two shots. »
They claimed that there was no operation of the security personnel on the day & the victims were not Maoists, rather, innocent tribals. »