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Teenager killed parents, brother for money, then wore a suit to school, partied

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BHOPAL: A teenager allegedly killed his parents and his brother after his demand for Rs 1,500 was rejected. 

The 17-year-old, who studied in XIIth stardard, murdered three persons including his father and mother, apart from younger brother at their house in Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. 

After the killings, he went out and bought a suit for Rs 5,000 for farewell party in the school. After attending the party, he went for an outing, had fun, attended another event in the school a day later but no one had an idea about the murders. The next day, he took a bike and went to another city.

In fact, after the murders, he had also obtained a DSLR camera on rent to shoot photographs at the party and later at a well-known hotel. Police officials said that he didn't seem affected and expressed no regret for his acts. It was on January 24 that the boy had asked his mother for Rs 1,500.

She refused to give him money as he had been spending lot of money, especially on booze and going out with friends. He got into such a fit of range that he brought a dupatta and strangulated her to death. When she died, he shot her as well. Later, when his father returned at night, he killed him as well. His father was a retired army man. 

Realising that his younger brother would find out, he came out of the house and locked the place to wait for his brother to return from coaching. He then took him to the market and spent lot of time. When they came back and the boy asked about the parents, he told him about the incident.

The younger brother started crying and told that he would tell everyone about the crime. Subsequently, he strangulated him to death as well. Locals were shocked at the triple murder. They said that he was a spoilt brat who had fallen into bad company, enjoyed expensive things and kept costly mobile phones. The boy shows no remorse. Police said that a psychologist would also examine him. His exact age is 17 years and eight months.