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‘We, The People Abhiyan’ shares inspiring stories of women change-makers who broke the barriers with NewsBits on occasion of International Women’s Day »
Scientific study on children who were in wombs of their mothers were gas tragedy struck Bhopal, reveals this and many more worrying aspects. »
In one of the biggest attacks in recent months, Naxalites blew up a van carrying personnel who were out to nab a wanted Maoist commander. »
Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) organised a national conclave to find solutions for the socio-economical and educational issues facing the community »
They said that exercising right to choose and marry as per fundamental rights, they decided to shun rituals and invited guests under Article 19 (I) (B) to assemble and give blessings. »
During the Indore summit, CM said govt would ensure investment and trade relations with organisations in different countries. »
Apart from these posts, the Staff Selection Board has started process of recruitment, said Shivraj Singh Chouhan. »
Revenue and electricity grievance redressal camps will be organized for the convenience of farmers. State government will reimburse the interest amount of the defaulter farmers »
Author, poet Dr Makhmoor Kakorvi is visiting hospices and graveyards, cleaning the tombstone tablets, collecting the Urdu, Persian couplets that bring out year of event through a traditional and complex numerological system »
This is first ever victory of the state in the premier tournament. MP team defeated Mumbai, which has won the trophy 41 times. »
The police had reached there after they got information that black bucks and peacock were being hunted by poachers for a wedding feast. »
Remembering the disaster, the speakers discussed ways to keep focus on issues concerning gas victims and steps for justice. The participants also shared their experiences regarding the tragedy and its aftermath. »
A policeman thrashed a youth, hitting, kicking and punching him, misusing his powers. Right now, he has been 'attached' to reserve police lines. »
The role of freedom fighters who rebelled against British rule and sacrificed their lives in the first war of independence and needs to be recalled. »
As families are hit by pandemic and its economic impact, parents are looking for kids' admission in govt schools. »
From a bill of nearly 3.68 million or Rs 36.88 lakh for a month, it was corrected later to around Rs 11,000. »
Raids are on and separate FIRs have been registered against the accused in connection with the deaths due to liquor tragedy. »
A strong mob gathered and one member of the team received grievous injuries after he was attacked with a wooden club on the head. »
Waqf Board has said that it will approach HC, seeking restoration of mosque, a high-level probe and action against guilty officers. »
The manner in which the groundwater level has gone down, rural populace is worried about the future. »
Need is to focus on issues of language, not just literature. If language remains, literature will get readers. »
The media meet was organised by Makhanlal Chaturvedi University and UNICEF on the theme of newborn care. »
Swami Anand Swaroop, a Hindu monk, made several objectionable remarks during the alleged hate speech at Meerut University event. »
Senior Congress leader & Bhopal MLA writes to CM that he must ensure that those disturbing peace are dealt with sternly. »
The court held that exploitation of person for commercial purpose and solicitation in public is a crime, not prostitution. »
In one city alone, four suicides in 24 hrs, suggest how people are suffering due to loss of jobs during the pandemic. »
In this debate, he was termed 'Jaichand', and told that 'just applying tika on forehead doesn't make anyone a Hindu'. »
Seeking restoration of special status, Kashmiri Pandit group has said that the Union Territory should again be turned into a state. »
The woman had also provided evidence including mobile chat record and the accused' messages to her. »
TV channel's office, newsroom and studio have been sealed for sanitization. The team has been shifted to alternative facility »
Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat have much less recovery rate so far, though Haryana, HP, Bihar and Telangana have a much better record. »
The father of three, Ranveer, was on way towards Morena in Madhya Pradesh. He covered 200 kms before he died in Agra. »
Women belonging to nomadic tribes said that they move from place to place in search of work and don't have documents. »
Protests are being held in major cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Aligarh, Bhopal and students staged demos in campuses »
'Nearly 200 FIRs, charging me of petty thefts of books, goats, buffalo and hen, even my dead mother not spared...' »
Journalists, activists, citizens from all walks of life endorsed the statement asking Twitter to stop hate-peddlers from using its platform to spread communal hatred. »
Papers create a negative image of secular parties. Indifference of other parties responsible for the situation. »
It is no longer shocking anymore in India, as the cult of Godse the man who had killed Mahatma Gandhi, keeps growing. »
USCIRF chair Tony Perkis has asked Indian government to act against the attackers, prosecute them & prevent such attacks. »
Probe has been ordered and administration in other cities is now on alert, stopping devotees from getting into deep water. »
There was no option and hence the risk was taken, wading through deep water, the body was taken for cremation. »
"The fundamental building blocks of our diverse democracy are being compromised in an unprecedented manner". »
The patwari, Piyush Rajput, had come to Sakhnor in Shivpuri district to check the extent of damage to the crops. »
The four persons have been arrested, booked under sections 153(A) and 298 of IPC. The police are interrogating them. »
Faisal Usman, a Muslim, was thrashed and forced to chant the slogan in Mumbai, days after Tabrez Ansari was lynched in Jharkhand. »
The Child Welfare Committee has directed the Dehat police station in-charge to lodge FIR against the aunt of the girl »
The BJP leader who was at the post of media and communications department in BJP's MP unit, comes from RSS background. »
'If I wear Saffron, will you call me Sadhvi? Respect for Bhagwa (saffron) must come from within. Don't allow its misuse' »
Apart from appointing undeserving candidates in the varsity, he is accused of embezzling university funds. »