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25 dead due to spurious liquor consumption in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh police arrest six

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ALIGARH: As many as 25 persons have died due to consumption of spurious liquor in Uttar Pradesh. 

The condition of many others who were hospitalized, remains serious.

Unofficially, the figure is said to be even higher, even as six persons have been arrested in this regard.

According to police sources, two persons who are brothers and have political connections in the region, were running the liquor trade. Though cases had been registered earlier too, stern action was not taken earlier.

However, now when the hooch tragedy claimed lives, police have swung into action. Nearly six persons have so far been arrested. Three separate FIRs have been registered. On the basis of post-mortem report, it was found that there was liquor consumption that led to the deaths. 

Locals say that the figure of death could be higher. There were some deaths without post-mortem. The kin had conducted last rites and claimed that the deaths were due to liquor consumption. A senior BJP MP said that the figure was 35 on the basis of his information.

The victims are spread over several blocks in the district and mostly in rural parts of Aligarh. Local newspapes mentioned that the figure of death was higher but officials have said that it was 25. Raids are being conducted at several places. The UP police are conducting investigations. UPDATE: The figure of deaths crossed 50, and later Hindi newspapers had mentioned the figure as 87.