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They said revision of figures of deaths due to Bhopal gas tragedy was to be revised from 5,295 to 15,342 and number of all sufferers too. »
The chief minister held a PESA awareness rally in Barwani and said that the Act is not against the non-tribal communities, but to strengthen the tribal brethren »
The assailant Dinesh Kushwah kept thrashing Bhanwarlal Jain, who he thought was a Muslim. »
It is not just about erasing Bhopal's past and changing its history during Shivraj Singh Chouhan's regime but it's also a project based on lies and distortion of history. »
The Delhi-based group roots for 'just our votes for our candidates' for fair representation of Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) in Assemblies and Parliament. »
After FIR by Brahmin Samaj, case was registered. CM Bhupesh Baghel had said that no one is above the law. »
Chouhan said that multiple agencies are responsible for roads, causing confusion and that there is no need for Capital Project Authority (CPA) anymore. »
The provision of death penalty and life term have been made to send strong message so that deaths due to spurious liquor consumption could be stopped. »
Opposition alleged that figures were manipulated apart from lack of Oxygen, injections to Coronavirus patients, hence, FIR must be registered. »
Statement of the BJP member of parliament (MP) amid pandemic, has caused an outrage but there is no action yet. »
Nath said that he challenges Shivraj Chouhan to name a hospital that has beds, Oxygen, Remdesivir injection and ambulances available. »
The social worker expressed surprise that when doctors, health workers are at the fore front, how could minister go incommunicado. »
The Congress leader also said that number of beds in hospitals must be increased and vaccine should be given free of cost. »
Chouhan, who is now in his fourth term as CM, said that the name of Hoshangabad district would now be Narmadapuram. »
The study tells about politicians who shifted loyalties and joined other parties. BJP benefited the most in last four years. »
Muslim group's memorandum to Governor, seeks action against those who planned the attack in Madhya Pradesh. »
Kamal Nath's stint as chief minister was a disaster for Congress. He failed to keep his flock, and also couldn't manage to win bypolls. »
Responding to Congress' attack, Scindia said that he was a dog and public is his owner, so he will bite to protect them. »
Kushwaha got fatally injured when the bullet from police station in-charge's gun hit him in the forehead. »
Congress needs to do exceptionally well to get close to simple majority but BJP is worried due to possibility of low turnout and infighting. »
Youths belonging to MP alone would be eligible for government service in Madhya Pradesh. »
Around 120 million or 12 crore jobs have been lost in the country due to lockdown on account of Coronavirus pandemic, figures suggest. »
Case has been filed against Arnab Goswami for his allegedly inflammatory statements 'that can incite people and cause riots...'. »
Revealing how totally false news, hearsay and propaganda that has long-term affect on society, escape scrutiny and appears in newspapers and TV channels. »
For several Congress legislators, it was a sense of desperation and feeling of 'humiliation', more than their association with Scindia, which drove them towards BJP. »
Bhopal central legislator Arif Masood started the campaign from his constituency. He said that it would be a massive campaign all over the state. »
A non-cooperation movement is taking shape with people posting messages outside homes for NPR enumerators that they aren't welcome. »
It was Amit Shah who led the campaign strategy, over 250 MPs campaigned and dirty tricks, hate speeches failed to work for BJP »
In Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Muslim workers of the party are resigning over the BJP's stand regarding NRC and CAA. »
Just 3 Indians have been hanged in the last two decades and the rape convict was last executed in 2004. »
Fatima Latheef's suicide has once again brought to fore the discrimination in institutions, it rekindles memory of Rohith Vemula and Dr Payal Tadvi. »
People tweeted 'sack Manish Maheshwari' to express anger over Twitter India's allegedly biased policies in India. »
The leader said that people living in urban areas should stop interfering in practices of the tribal communities. »
An engineer had complained that the woman was threatening to make photos viral unless he paid Rs 3 crore. »
Shockingly, DM refused to take action, saying it was 'internal issue' of college though police took side & stopped girls. »
1.9 million people-- than the population of Goa, an entire state, & almost equal to population of Mauritius and Fiji combined, termed 'illegal citizens'. »
Congress lawmaker Arif Masood meets Governor and urges him that J&K students here should be able to contact their kin. »
Will women who suffer sexual exploitation not think twice before daring to file case against influential persons in future? »
BJP's Upper caste vote bank is clearly the strongest and most loyal. No other party got such huge support from other caste groups. »
Akshay Lahoti suggested that if majority of Hindus vote against Muslim citizenship then Muslims should move to Pakistan and Bangladesh. »
LTTE is responsible for former PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and it is still involved in propaganda that blames India. »
Is it sarcasm or straight talk! Sidelined by the party, Uma claims she is 'moorkh' and Pragya is 'mahan sadhvi'. »
BJP says that it been committed to abrogate Article 370 from the time of Jan Sangh, and it reiterates its position. »
Sanjay Yadav is son of the municipal council chairperson. The recovery of weapons has come as an embarrassment for the party. »
Unprecedented anger was seen on the streets of Itanagar over govt's plan to give residence status to six tribes. »
Will the 'brahmastra' help Congress achieve success against BJP and the strong BSP-SP alliance in Uttar Pradesh? »
Major General (retired) SR Sinho said that the panel had recommended that the benefit shouldn't be extended to taxpayers. »
Shifted 19 times in 17 years of his career, Khan, is known for exposing corruption. Vivek Agarwal allegedly mistreated him. »
Congress has reacted sharply, saying that the leader was speaking the language of terrorists and should be probed for terror links. »
Responding to Shivraj's comment 'Tiger zinda hai' suggesting that he would take on Congress, Diggy said it was now without claws & teeth. »