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Will Priyanka Gandhi's entry into electoral politics turn Congress' fortunes in Uttar Pradesh?

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NEW DELHI: The wait is finally over. Priyanka Gandhi has decided to take the plunge into politics. 

Rahul Gandhi made a formal announcement that his sister Priyanka Gandhi is now party's general secretary for Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The decision taken barely three months ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, clearly suggests that party will not leave any stone unturned in the run up to the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, especially, Uttar Pradesh. 

As soon as the news came out, senior party leaders congratulated Priyanka Gandhi Vadera. Veteran leader Motilal Vohra said that this will not only have affect on Uttar Pradesh but in other regions of the country as well.

The grand old party hopes that this will boost morale of the workers. In cities, Congress workers took to the streets. There were celebrations and fireworks in front of Congress offices in states. Priyanka Gandhi was always considered to be the inheritor of her father and grandmother's legacy, seen as the brighter of the two siblings. 

BJP was quick to suggest that it was Rahul Gandhi's failure that forced the party to bring Priyanka Gandhi into politics. Several party leaders termed it an extension of the 'dynasty politics' and the influence of Nehru-Gandhi family on Congress.

But its clear that Congress hopes to improve its performance in UP polls. With no option after SP-BSP alliance refused to give more than two seats to the party in Lok Sabha, Congress party is now hoping to ride on Priyanka's popularity and charisma in the heartland.