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Data released on eve of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Day shows a record 11.21 crore tourist visited the state in 2023; Pre-COVID number crossed for the first time »
The eminent Urdu author's novel on 'colonial masters' will haunt readers long after the last page is turned, writes Lamat R Hasan. »
Suhail Kakorvi, the prolific poet, keeps experimenting with the language and even writes in Persian and English. »
Zafar Sehbai who started penning poetry in 1957, has recited along side Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Sehbai is representative poet of Bhopal, a major centre of Urdu ghazal in India. »
Wafa Siddiqui is in his nineties and he has been penning poetry for almost seventy years. He continues to compose ghazals. He is probably the senior most Urdu poet in India. »
He doesn't mind if you see book at his shop and buy them from elsewhere. Had passion for collecting books and hence opened the bookshop. »
This library in Central India was started in the year 1922. It has now completed 100 years of its existence. »
In this interview, Farooq Anjum reveals that how renowned poet Taj Bhopali, who was his uncle, had tore the paper on which he [Farooq Anjum] had written a ghazal to keep him away from poetry. Shams Ur Rehman Alavi speaks to the senior poet of Bhopal. »
The Global Burden of Disease Study surmises that nearly 600,000 deaths in India could be attributed to indoor air pollution in a year in 2019. »
Shams Ur Rehman Alavi interviews the author regarding the book on Congress' veteran leader Mohsina Kidwai. The book has generated lot of interest from different quarters, ever since its launch. »
Author Mukarram Niyaz, who writes short stories and had a collection, Raste Khamosh Hain, published earlier, comes up with a fresh book on movies. »
Rana Safvi's journey to Sufi centres and hospices across the country, enchants the reader, joins the dots with elegance, explaining relationship between Sufism and Islam. »
In memory of renowned poet late Wahid Premi, the Khushbu Cultural Academy organised the event and felicitated poets, conferring awards. »
The filmmakers have somehow assumed that a benign Sindhi character is inconceivable. »
A list representing Urdu writers from different regions, eras apart from highlighting books that have certain uniqueness. »
The book covers more than a hundred monuments spread over Awadh and adjoining regions apart from personalities and anecdotes. »
Bhopal, the city has changed in a big way in the last few decades but Iqbal Masood's indefatigable energy remains the same. »
A freedom fighter, Kazi Jalil Abbasi, fought communalism and after partition contested elections, became MLA and later member of parliament, in India's heartland. »
It's in the truest sense--End of an Era. Author of magnum opus Kai Chaand The Sar-e-Aasma, poet and novelist, he was Shahanshan-e-Adab. »
After Kashmirnama that created a stir in Hindi publishing circles, author Ashok Kumar Pandey comes up with his much-awaited book on Gandhi's assassination »
The system is needed so that a model can be set up to provide loan on the basis of guarantee from the borrowers. »
Communities that didn't have access to higher education for long, are being stopped and not allowed to tell their history and heroes. »
Undoubtedly, his death marks an end of era. It's a loss for Delhi too, once the capital of Urdu world. »
After losing his son in communal riots, Mohammad Sharif made it a mission and has been doing it for almost 30 years now. »
Rare coins from ancient & medieval era including a 10 kg coin and coins of Shivaji's coronation would be on display at the exhibition. »
Such initiatives are critical for raising children's voices on key issues impacting their potential, UNICEF chief Juma said while speaking at the launch. »
The duo had been promised job at a construction company in Muscat but the agent fleeced them and they got stuck »
The heritage structures and buildings were bathed in blue light at night to express support for child rights. »
100 dolls as couples were exhibited--32 out of them shown as married with books and toys symbolizing loss of innocence. »
Just when media groups refrain from even publishing articles that may offend powerful, Pharos Group shows the way. »
Several generations grew up reading her stories & she was the most prominent Urdu writer from Lucknow. »
Nand Kishore Vikram kept watch on happenings in Urdu literature & was known for his love towards the language. »
Khan's work is important if we realise that four passengers died due to extreme heat in a packed sleeper compartment in Jhansi recently. »
The devotees who come to the temple, also pay obeisance at Dargah on the campus of the ancient temple. »
The invitation card for Imran Mansuri's marriage has name of Kanhaiyallal Malviya as co-invitee along with Liaqat Khan. »
Villagers, government officials appreciate initiative taken at the fair traditionally associated with settling of nuptial ties »
The hamlet has not recorded even a single maternal or child death in 2 years since did the story on the ill-fated girl. »
Immunisation team drives 25 km, takes a boat ride of one hour and scales difficult hill terrain for 3km with the vaccine to reach 50-odd kids »
As per guidelines the bag should weigh less than even 5 kg but it weighed 15 kg in a Madhya Pradesh school. »
State Health Department has estimated that they will be covering 2.30 crores children in age group of nine months to 15 years in the campaign. »
Syed Abid Hussain who is termed real life Bajrangi Bhaijaan, due to his role in reuniting people with families, says that he would continue to run such campaigns. »
The shop owner was surprised when he received the money along with interested after so many years. »
The journalists say that there is neither proper response from YouTube, nor any human contact to appeal against arbitrary action. »
Apart from supporting the call for bandh against amendment to the act, SAPAKS decided to hold peaceful protest. »
All the focus is on acquiring the degree and this has resulted in a situation where the entire system is now in a mess. »
"I decided that in the current situation, I will not just write but if needed also raise slogans and come to the streets for agitation" »
This is to experience self and God. His guru Yogi Shivam says that Patric would take just skimmed milk in this duration. »
Immunization activities have gathered strength in 13 districts under Intensified Mission Indradhanush in state including Vidisha and Raisen »
NGO Aawaz that works for children held the competition in Hinotia Rahul Nagar for children involved in polythene bags picking »
Kallu and Vaijaiyanti exchanged garlands before the statue of Dr Ambedkar and also took the traditional seven rounds (saat pheras) »