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Child had stolen toy from shop in 1965, sends money with interest 53 years later

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BHOPAL: A child had stolen a toy pistol from a shop in Madhya Pradesh.

The kid has now become an old man but the guilt of stealing the toy remained all these years.

Recently, he sent the price of the toy pistol along with the interest cost to the shop.

Interestingly, it is the shop owner's son who now sits at the same shop. He was surprised to receive the money along with the handwritten letter.

"I had come to Guna on October 15, 1965 along with my father, and I had picked up the toy from the shop without asking anyone", he writes in the letter.

The person mentions that he kept thinking about it for many years and was planning to return the amount. The shop owner received the money--a coin of 25 paise along with Rs 50 note (interest).

He says that the person has mentioned his name and said that he lives in Sarai Sikandari in Bhopal. "My father used to sit at the shop, then. The name is mentioned and also the phone number is written, however, the number couldn't be contacted", he adds.