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American man to perform 'Sadhna' in a cave in Madhya Pradesh for 40 days

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Mukesh Pandey

HARDA: An American man has arrived in Madhya Pradesh in his journey for peace and inner truth

Patrick Zeigler, who is an architect by profession and a Yoga Guru at a Yoga meditation camp in Brazil, is in MP’s Harda district these days. He will meditate for 40 days at a small cave like room situated at Gupteshwar Temple.

Zeigler’s Guru Baba Yogi Shivam said Patrick would take only three litres of skimmed milk in a day while meditating. In a state of intense concentration, he would experience self and God through the ‘sadhana’. He would rest for only three hours and meditate for the remaining 21 hours in a day, Baba Yogi Shivam said.

Talking to media before starting his ‘Sadhana’, Patrick Zeigler said he was overwhelmed and thrilled after arriving in Harda. So friendly are the people here and the atmosphere of the city looks so familiar that I never felt a foreigner, he said.

He said he felt greatly attached with Indian culture and Yoga. He said meditation, Yoga, Sadhana and healing are parts of life. Patrick said he had come to India in quest of transcendental, spiritual knowledge.

Baba Yogi Shivam said last year he was on a two-month visit to Brazil. At that time he met Patrick. He said Patrick organised Yoga camps in Brazil. He said he gave ‘diksha’ to Patrick and his wife. Baba Shivam said Patrick’s wife also performs Yoga and meditation.

He said Patrick’s 14-year-old son is a preacher of Bible. ‘He obtained diksha from me when I easily answered his questions regarding soul, God, introspection’, Baba Shivam said. He said the women in Brazil are also very enthusiastic about Yoga and meditation.

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past