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Good example: Economically constrained couple married off before statue of Dr Ambedkar

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Mahendra Thakur

Sehore: Setting an imitable example, social activists and community in Sehore of MP took an initiative to get an economically constrained couple married off in a simple manner, thereby saving both the families of huge costs of a marriage ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted before the statue of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in the Dr Ambedkar Park situated in Sehore town. A portrait of Lord Buddha was also placed as a witness for the ceremony as both the bride and the groom belong to Buddhist community.

The unique marriage, happening in home district of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has however also raised questions on the efficacy of different welfare schemes of state government including the Mukhyamantri Kanyadaan Yojana (chief minister’s marriage scheme for economically constrained girls).

Kallu Jatav, son of Suraj Jatav and Vaijaiyanti Rajoria, daughter of Rajnikant Rajoria both belong to scheduled caste community. Both the families are quite constrained economically and were unable to host a wedding ceremony.

When this came to the notice of some local social workers and community members, they decided to conduct a simple ceremony for the couple, so that the families could save on the unwanted costs.

Though the couple was dressed up in traditional wedding dresses, there were no jewellery or finery used. Kallu and Vaijaiyanti exchanged simple garlands before the statue of Dr Ambedkar and also took the traditional seven rounds (saat pheras) around the statue.

Among those taking the social initiative include Narendra Khangrale, local corporator and president of district women’s Congress Arti Khangrale, Mohan Thekedar, Dhanraj Jatav, Deepak Sonkar, Kamalkishore Jatav, Rahul Kachneria, Neeraj Jatav, Santosh Ahirwar, Anand Choudhary, Suraj Jatav, Meena Jatav, Rani Jatav and others.