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A game from the past: Kanchaa contest has underprivileged kids in throes of joy

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: Raees and Najma had a great time and Meherban, Saif and Faheem basked in a special glory. These children, usually engaged in rag and polythene bag picking, got an opportunity to participate in a Kanchaa (marbles playing) competition.

NGO Aawaz that works for children conducted the competition in Hinotia Rahul Nagar and the kids, most of them involved in rags and polythene bags picking participated with full enthusiasm.

The first place was clinched by kid called Meherban while the second and third places were taken by Saif Ali and Faheem Khan.

Girls also participated in the competition and had especially good time. Najma said it was an interesting time for them.

Marbles – locally known as Kanchaa – involves shooting of small glass balls by the participants within a fixed circle.

Shanta Raikwar, retired police officer was the chief guest at the prize distribution ceremony. She said that discipline was very important among children and such games teach us discipline. She also spoke about the importance of education and said that by studying one can get lot of opportunities in life.

The guest lauded the efforts of Aawaz in conducting an activity centre for the kids. She said that more of such centres can benefit many more children. Raikwar said that it was very important to let the children indulge in the game they are normally used to as this makes them easy and comfortable.

Subhash Garg of Aawaz expressed gratitude to those present and said that those traditional games that are slowly being lost, should be revived and promoted.

Pramod Dwivedi, Arshi, Rahul Malviya, Hitesh, Sakshi, Amit, Mayurika and others were present for the event and took efforts for its success.