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Rare coins from ancient era including 10 kg coin to be displayed at numismatic exhibition

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Rare coins including currency from ancient and medieval era would be on display at the unique numismatic exhibition that would be held in Nagpur.

Coin collectors from across the country would gather, showcase their collection and people would have the opportunity to see these coins as well as sell or buy them. 

The three-day event starts from January 24 and culminate on January 26. The Numismatic Research Institute is organising the event. Apart from exhibition, there will be a competition too and awards (trophies) would be given as well.

Besides, there will be a special lecture on numismatic heritage of North East India and emerging unique trends. SK Bose, who hails from Kolkata, will be feted and conferred an awared for his lifelong contribution in the field.

It will be inaugurated at 11.30 am at the Ramgopal Maheshwari Cultural Auditorium i.e. Mor Bhawan located at Jhansi Rani Square at Sitabuldi in Nagpur. The organisers said that there will be different categories and coins-currencies from Mughal era, British period, princely states, foreign coins would all be showcased.

The oldest coin is nearly 2,600 year old (around 600 BC). Besides, there will be the unique coins on display that were minted to mark Shivaji's coronation. The organisers--Bharat Sariya, Piyush Agrawal, GC Nagdev and Sanjay Misra, addressed the media about the event. They said that there would be dealers' stall to sell or buy coins. 

The special and exceptionally heavy 10 kg silver coin is in possession of Keshav Rao who hails from Hyderabad. For coin collectors, heritage-history enthusiasts, it will be a unique opportunity to have a glance at the coins through the ages, the unique currency (as early as 2,500 years ago), the coins used in Sultanate era, Mughal period, princely states and the later era. The society has been holding the event annually since 2009.