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A dargah thrives on a 118-year-old temple premises in Madhya Pradesh, spreads amity

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Mukesh Pandey

HARDA: It's a unique symbol of syncretism and communal harmony--a dargah on the premises of an ancient temple.

For the devotees, it is an age-old tradition to pay obeisance at the temple as well as the dargah.

The dargah is located on the campus of the 118-year-old Ram Temple and the priest Godbole family takes care of them both.

Dilip Godbole, 58, says that the temple was constructed in the year 1900. "In 2000, when the temple completed its century, devotees came from several states as well as from different parts of Madhya Pradesh".

The devotees who come to the temple on Ramnavami also perform 'ziyarat' at the dargah, with the same devotion. The chief priest Laxman Godbole, 87, performs the religious rites. Colourful 'rangoli' is also made at the doorstep of the dargah along with the temple on a regular basis.

Narmada Prasad Dubey, 76, who retired from police service, is also a devotee of the twin religious structures and ensures that the campus is kept clean and lights the incense sticks every day. Dubey has a ritual of going to dargah and then praying at the temple. He talks at length about the spiritual feeling at the dargah.

People especially come to the dargah on Thursday to pay obeisance to the 'Pir', says Ashok Dubey, who was earlier associated with the MP Road Transport Corporation. During Muharram, the Tazias and the traditional 'sawaris' arrive at the dargah for 'salami'.

Godbole says that the dargah has existed from the time of Brahma Chaitanya Guru Gondvalekar who was conscious of the spirituality at this place. Earlier it was an open campus and around 25 years ago, the roof was constructed--on the temple as well as the dargah, and every year the entire campus is painted on the occasion of Diwali.

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past