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Indian men stuck in Oman return home, activist Syed Abid Hussain's efforts yield results once again

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BHOPAL: Two Indians who were stuck in Oman after being cheated by a company that had 'recruited' them, have finally come back after persistent efforts of activist Syed Abid Hussain. 

The duo--Sandeep Kumar and Lalsa Ramesh, had been promised a job at Rs 30,000 per month in a construction company in Oman. They had paid money to agents also who had claimed that they would get them good job in Middle East. Kumar and Ramesh hail from Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

But once they got to Oman, they found that they had been tricked. They were not getting the salary and the company was also not letting them go back. The family members were also worried about the safety of both of them. The kin didn't have means to pursue the case. 

After the families contacted Syed Abid Hussain, the Bhopal-based activist, he wrote to the Centre apart from Embassy in Oman and the other officials concerned. The issue was raised on Twitter too and a hashtag was created to secure safe return of Sandeep and Ramesh. 

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The embassy officials intervened and after completion of the due processes, the duo were safely brought ouf the place and made to take a flight back home. The families were in a state of panic for weeks and finally, they heaved a sigh of relief. Syed Abid Hussain has been instrumental in getting Indians back home when they are stuck abroad.

Talking to, Hussain who has got several awards for his work, said that people should be cautious as construction industry is not doing too well in the particular region and must go through proper channel, rather than posing blind trust into dubious agents as it later creates problems for the entire family. He has thanked the Indian embassy officials for the help and for taking prompt action.