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Bhopal: Unique ‘Tarahi mushaira’ held, Litterateurs visit Bashir Badr’ house, felicitate him

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

BHOPAL: The litterateurs and writers of the city visited the home of elderly poet Bashir Badr and felicitated him at the latter’s home in the State capital.

Badr has been at his home for years and is suffering from age related complications. He was garlanded and given the Fakhr-e-Khushbu award on behalf of the Khushbu Cultural Academy, Bhopal.

In memory of the poet late Wahid Premi, who was an important Bhopal writer, a Tarahi mushaira was organized. The misra-e-tarah ‘Rahzano.n ko rahnuma-e-karwaa.n kab tak kahein’ was given from Wahid Premi’s ghazal and others composed their ghazals on similar lines as per the tradition of Tarahi Mushaira.

It was held on Thursday night at Munshi Husain Khan Technical Institute on Saifia College road. Nafeesa Sultana ‘Ada’ was conferred ‘Aaj Ki Shaayra’ award. Poet Shoaib Ali Khan got the Wahid Premi Award on this occasion. Fehmeed Khan, who hails from Sironj, also got felicitated.

Sajid Premi, Malik Naved and many other poets, writers, literature lovers were present in the mushaira. Among the selected couplets from this mushaira:

Haal bhi achcha nahin, ahwaal bhi achcha nahiN

Sirf maazi ke dukho.n ki daastaa.n kab tak kahein

[Azeem Asar]


Inteha koi hai uski haa.n mein haa.n kab tak kahein

Aap ke har zakhm ko ham armughaa.n kab tak kahein

[Farhan Manzar]


Is zamee.n ko dosto ham aasmaa.n kab tak kahein

Is jahaan waalon se jhooti daastaa.n kab tak kahein

[Mushtaq Ahmad]


Kis kis se ranj o gham ki daastaa.n kab tak kahein

Zindgi ko apni ham baar-e-garaa.n kab tak kahein

[Khalida Siddiqui]


Yaar bolo, daastaan-e-bekaraa.n kab tak kahein

Ham, safar ki gard ko ab kahkashaa.n kab tak kahein

[Sajid Premi]


Khalil Aslam Qureshi, Sabiha Sadaf (Raisen) Farooq Anjum, Nusrat Ateeq Gorakhpuri, Ehsan Aazmi, Dr Parveen Kaif, Aziz Roshan, Wali Bhopali and Sangeeta Srivastava ‘Suman’ were among the poets who also composed ghazals on this ‘misra e tarah’ and were applauded by audiences.

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

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