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Monuments turn blue to signify support for child rights on 30th anniversary of UN convention

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BHOPAL: Umpteen monuments in Central India were bathed in blue light to mark the 30 years of signing of convention on child rights.

The heritage structures included Bhopal Gate and Minto Hall apart from other major buildings in the region viz Madhya Pradesh. This expresses the support for child rights and sends a strong message about need to create awareness regarding the issue.

In Bhopal, the martyrs' memorial, Habibganj railway station and Sair Sapata, a park, also turned blue at midnight. Earlier, the GoBlue theme was also expressed in a different way in schools in Madhya Pradesh.

The Youth4Children volunteers had theme painted a Government School blue. They had used illustration to draw messages on child rights like education, protection, life, survival and development on the walls of the school.

As part of the effort the youth engaged with school students and spoke on rights and asked them to write slips of wish and need which will be collated and shared with decision makers. A photo exhibition of images taken by young people was also displayed at the venue.

The images captured issues of children, challenges and efforts being done by the State. This initiative was done by NGOs SkySocial and Vasudha Sanasthan in partnership with UNICEF. This week young people are mobilising their energies to spread information on child rights among children, people, teachers and adults.

Anil Gulati, Communication Specialists with UNICEF Madhya Pradesh was with young people painting the school and participated in the various activities. He spoke to children about child participation and young people how important it is to make sure that we give platform to children to share their views and make sure that their voices reach decision makers.

Vibanshu Joshi, former member of the State Commission of Protection of child rights spoke on CRC, good touch and bad touch with adolescent and young people. RJ Anadi of Big FM was a favourite with children as she interacted with children and they shared their views.