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Mad rush for MBA: State must take steps to stem the rot in management education

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Dr Roopali Bajaj

BHOPAL: In a mad rush to acquire the MBA degree, a large number of youth are ready to go to any extent, even if it affects their own skills and knowledge.

Not only these MBA aspirants delude themselves but also take the parents and the institution for a ride in the process. Forget the curriculum, the focus on studies, need to attend classes and acquiring skills, the sole aim is just to get the degree.

After all, the degree—a coveted document and a supposed passport to get a well-paying job is the only thing in sight. No wonder, the entire system is in a mess now.

Right from lack of awareness about the entrance examination, the ignorance about admission and course and worse, the negligence towards attendance—all this is leading to a situation where youth come out in droves with the degree, but with bare minimum skills, something that hurts the industry, the society and themselves too.

In fact, it has become a rat race. Not just management students, but even engineering graduates go for a MBA degree as it increases their hopes of landing into a good job.

Besides, many MBA aspirants who are already in job, need a degree for better position in career. So, all the focus is on acquiring the degree, even though the entire system is in a mess.

The most shocking aspect is the audacity that they expect college(s) to hand them degree, even if they don’t attend classes. The scholarship system, the lack of adequate monitoring and the entrance examination mechanism has added to the woes.

Though MBA is a professional degree just like medical and engineering degrees, it remains neglected at the policy level in the State. This poses a major problem for everybody, even recruiters too who want students with quality.

Many MBA aspirants want the degree just because this is needed in the company. There is clear lack of attention towards the huge pool of MBA aspirants that enters colleges every year.

The technical education department needs to have a look into the sorry state of affairs. Just paying the fee doesn’t mean that a student would be left untouched and allowed to enter campus just for appearing in exam in order to get the degree.

My suggestion is that even though the fee is hiked, monitoring is needed.

A recruiter feels privileged to recruit candidates meeting all employable tests and the best out of better. An institute in turn shoulders the responsibility to hand over the best candidates for the recruiters.

This is a genuine appeal to the state government to have the focus on the rot in the system and take the needed steps to ensure that the lacunae are fixed and the nation gets skilled techno-managers and trainee managers.

(Dr Roopali Bajaj is Associate Director, Faculty of Management with the VNS Group of Institutions. The views expressed are her own)