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Town of Harmony: Malviya family issues invitation for Imran Mansuri’s wedding

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Mukesh Pandey

HARDA: A wedding card is quite the point of discussion in Harda city of Madhya Pradesh these days.

A youngster Imran is marrying Yasmin Bano. But what is interesting is that the invitation card for marriage of Imran Mansuri, son of Liyaqat Khan Mansuri, has the name of Kanhaiya Lal Malviya as co-invitee with Liyaqat Khan.

Also the cover of the invitation card has name of Malviya along with Liyaqat Khan.

While most from outside would be surprised to see this unique wedding card, people in Harda, who are witness to the 45-year-old strong bond between Kanhaiyyalal and Liyaqat are hardly surprised to see the heartfelt display of communal amity and deep friendship. 

Liaqat Khan and Kanhaiya Lal Malviya's friendship goes back to nearly four decades. In fact, it was Malviya who had selected the bride for Liaqat, in 1985. Then, a year later, Liaqat helped the family find a suitable match for Malviya.

Together, they run a furniture business and the board on the shop reads, 'Yarana Furnitures'. Its a business run jointly by them. Liaqat looks after the management, Malviya takes care of finance that includes expenses of both the families. Liaqat has three sisters and all of them tie 'rakhi' on Malviya's wrist. 

Malviya says that he was getting Khan's house constructed and in a colony that had more Muslims houses, the Hindu families thought that it was a new Hindu family that was coming to the locality. But when the 'Quran-khwani' was held, they realised that it was a Muslim family.

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past