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Horrific: Elderly man beaten to death, assailant beat him as he thought victim was Muslim

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Neemuch: In a shocking incident, an elderly man was brutally beaten to death after being asked his faith in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh.

The victim was a Jain and the attacker who mistook him as Muslim, kept hitting him. The incident occurred in Manasa town of the district.

A clip of the incident later went viral, with the accused--Dinesh Kushwah, asking the victim Bhanwar Lal Jain, ' are Muhammad', implying that he felt that the elderly man was a Muslim.

Jain was shocked and unable to speak. He fell unconscious and later died. The accused, Dinesh Kushwah, has been a BJP's young wing worker and his wife was a councillor in the past.

Jain, a resident of Ratlam, had gone to Chittorgarh with family, and had lost way on return. Family had lodged a complaint of missing person and were looking for him. However, after the video went viral, the family members arrived. Over a hundred people visited police station and demanded action.

Dinesh Kushwaha has been booked and arrested. The incident, a manifestation of Islamophobia, has sent shockwaves in the State. The bulldozer was sent to take action against Kushwaha but the property was found to be joint, with his siblings, and hence action was not taken.