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168 MLAs-MPs switched allegiance, 79% turncoat politicians went to BJP in 4 years

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NEW DELHI: It is an unfortunate aspect of Indian politics that leaders easily switch loyalties and join other parties. 

Despite the fact that they contest election and win on a particular party's symbol, they easily change their stand and join the other party even if the latter's political line is diametrically opposite. 

A study has now revealed that from 2017 to 2020, nearly 168 MLAs and MPs shifted their loyalties. A vast majority of those who changed parties, chose BJP. The figure is a whopping 79%. Clearly, politicians prefer to join BJP that is at the helm in Delhi. 

A Dainik Bhaskar report by journalist Dharmendra Singh Bhadoria mentions the figures about politicians who changed their parties on the basis of Lokniti-CSDS research fellow's study. Just a few day ago, TMC MLA joined BJP while BSP's MLA in Bihar joined JDU. Earlier, 26 Congress legislators had quit the party and joined BJP and Shivraj Singh Chouhan became the CM, replacing Congress' Kamal Nath.

The defections continue throughout the year. It's become so 'common' that eyebrows aren't raised and the voter too accepts it as a general practice. The study says that 138 politicians [MLAs-MPs] who went to BJP in the last four years. Just 15 went to Congress. And, 15 chose other parties including regional outfits.

The tough provisions notwithstanding, turncoat politicians continue to sniff their chances and immediately leave the sinking ship and join the other party, particularly, ruling party due to promises--a post of minister or chairmanship in board apart from other powers associated when you are with the regime.