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Shah fails again, polarization couldn't fetch votes for BJP in Delhi, AAP set for landslide victory

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Once again BJP has not been able to break the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) hold on Delhi. AAP is heading for a majority (62) in the Assembly and the BJP (8) is far behind, as the trends suggest. 

Clearly, the polarization bid and all the tricks to divide voters on communal lines, didn't work in the Delhi election and Shah's strategy failed in the national capital. This is the third successive victory of Kejriwal in the city-state.

The campaign was too shrill even by BJP's standards--the constant focus was on Shaheen Bagh apart from fear-mongering and talks of 'return of Mughal rule'. The rhetoric, the speeches, the allegations and the entire language of the campaign, was such that it was termed 'toxic' and 'divisive' repeatedly.

There were repeated references to Pakistan in BJP leaders' speeches. However, Arvind Kejriwal avoided the bait and insisted that he would talk on development and amenities for the citizen, not on communal issues. In the end, it appears to have worked as Kejriwal is all set to head the goverment for the third successive term. 

While the BJP's vote percent has gone up, AAP has still got over 50% votes. Congress' vote share declined and it seems a section of its voter shifted to AAP, while the rest to BJP. Trends indicate that the AAP was clear leader on 60 seats while BJP was ahead on 10. Congress failed to open its account.

Amit Shah was the brain behind the campaign. He had to come to the ground, visit the lanes and bylanes seekign votes, also threw more than 250 MPs into the campaign. All t he top party leaders went to the constituencies, addressed public meetings and all the tricks of the trade were employed. But the BJP still couldn't do well enough.

In Delhi, it was the face of PM Narendra Modi and the strategy of Amit Shah. AAP's stunning victory has come as a big shock for the BJP. After defeats in Assembly elections in MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and recently in Jharkhand, the BJP tried to bring in contentious issues to inflame passions.

The party was hoping that tapping into Hindu-Muslim faultlines would help. But this didn't yield the desired results. There are several lessons that need to be learnt from the election. AAP convinced voters that it was a party that delivers and works for the citizens. As a result, the anti-incumbency factor didn't work and AAP got the reward--60 plus seats in the 70 member Assembly, once again.