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Pragya Thakur says drinking cow urine daily protected her from Coronavirus

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BHOPAL: BJP leader and Member of parliament (MP) Pragya Thakur has made a shocking statement. 

She claimed that drinking cow urine on a daily basis protected her from Coronavirus.

Further, she said that cow urine kept her lungs clean and saved her during the pandemic.

The statement has drawn criticism from different sections of the society. She also faced outrage on social media. People commented that even as the pandemic is raging and any such belief can hurt people in real life, who may trust cow urine rather than medicines, but there has been no party reaction on any action.

Thakur said that the 'gau mutra' should be of an indigenous cow that eats grass in a forest. "It should be filtered using cotton cloth before it is consumed". She later also remained firm on her stand. However, she also said that it is her belief and she doesn't compel others to use it.