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Buffalo sacrifice ritual could be revived in Bastar, says tribal lawmaker in Chhattisgarh

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RAIPUR: Tribal leader Kawasi Lakhma has said that the ritual of sacrificing buffalo at Korsaguda could again be revived.

Lakhma, who is industries and excise minister, said that animal sacrifice is part of the culture and tribals have been practicing it for ages. 

Also, he said that the people of Bastar would take a decision and those living in urban areas need not interfere or get heartburns over tribal communities' rituals.

Speaking to media persons at a cultural programme, he said that the ritual at Korsaguda would again be revived. He said that he will try to get it started again. The practice was stopped during the BJP regime.

Lakhma also thanked chief minister for ensuring that kids get eggs in midday meals in the state. He said tribals of Bastar remain happy, that they drink, eat and remain merry. He said that he will promote tribal culture.

During the BJP rule, all bovine slaughter including that of buffalo and bulls was banned in Chhattisgarh. Also, after a court order it was ordered that every gram sabha had to spread the message about ban on bovine slaughter and ritual sacrifice at temples.