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Sex scandal shakes MP, women caught for blackmailing bureaucrats, politicians

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BHOPAL: In a major operation, the state police have arrested several women who were part of a gang that targeted bureaucrats and politicians.

These women used their charms to honey-trap people and after the photographs and videos of men in compromising situation were obtained, the gang used this material to blackmail and extort huge amount of money.

The names of top officers, a former minister, politicians and other high-profile personalities have come up in the scandal. Several police wings and officials of Indore police along with Bhopal police, were conducting interrogation with the arrested persons and the suspects as the case was seen as 'highly sensitive'.

State home minister Bala Bachchan said some high-profile individuals had been honey-trapped by a group of women who were arrested in a joint operation by Indore. "It has been found that certain individuals were being trapped and extorted by the accused. No one will be spared," Bachchan said.

The lid was thrown off when Indore police got complaint about an engineer getting threat that his 'objectionable photographs and videos' would be posted on social media, in whatsapp groups and sent to his friends and family members unless he paid an amount of Rs 3 crore. When the plaint reached, the police registered a case and found that it was a well-organised racket that was targeted high-profile people across the state.

The police in Bhopal initially took three women and their accomplice in custody. They were grilled at the Govindpura police station. On being asked about their involvement in honey trapping case, police said that three women and a man had been arrested. Later, some more were detained. Indore police team arrived and took them away later in the day.

One of the accused women, who has been nabbed by Madhya Pradesh police and ATS, had alleged relations with a former minister. A mobile phone has also been recovered from the accused in which intimate photographs were found. One of the accused Shweta is a resident of Sagar district while another runs a lady garments shop.

Almost a year back, a video of Shweta with a driver had gone viral following which she moved to Bhopal. She allegedly took a high-ranking officer into her trap. Another woman who was taken into police custody has been accused of honey-trapping a high-ranking officer. The three women who have been detained are identified as: Shweta from Rivera Town in Bhopal. Shweta (another woman with the same name) from Minal Residency in Bhopal and Barkha.