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HDFC Life employee's call for 'Hindu-only referendum', sending Muslims to Pakistan-Bangladesh sparks outrage

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NEW DELHI: A Facebook post that calls for 'Hindu-only referendum' in India and sending Muslims to Pakistan and Bangladesh, has sparked outrage.

The person, Akshay Lahoti, an HDFC Life employee, wrote--"Why don't we finish the unfinished business of partition once and for all by taking a Hindu referendum and decide on the idea of India?

"If majority of Hindus vote against Muslim citizenship then Muslims should accept the mandate and move to Pakistan and Bangladesh, countries created for them at the time of partition".

He started the post with the lines, "In 1947 there was no Brexit style referendum to decide if India should become a secular country and Muslims should be allowed to stay in India..."

Lahoti further writes that, 'a bunch of elitists decided that India should be a secular country and forced their idea of India on the rest of the country. Given a choice, I am extremely confident that an overwhelming majority of Hindus s would vote against Muslims being given Indian citizenship. 

After uproar, Lahoti's post is no longer visible as he seems to have deactivated his account. Meanwhile, when people expressed anger, HDFC Life has responded and promised to look into the complaint. However, there is no report of any action as yet.

UPDATE:: Akshay Lahoti has conveyed to us that his photograph in the news is affecting him & his family and has requested hiding the photo, we are removing the picture.