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MP: Cabinet okays death penalty provision for those involved in spurious liquor trade

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BHOPAL: In a bid to put up curbs on the manufacture and sale of spurious liquor, the State government has taken a tough stand.

The Cabinet approved the proposal to amend the Excise Act and adding the provision for death penalty as well as life term in such cases. Law has been strengthened so as to ensure that the illegal liquor trade is stopped and lives are saved, says the state government.

Deaths due to consumption of spurious liquor and hooch have occurred in the State repeatedly. Hence, the amendment was made in the law. Under the MP Excise Amendment Act, the provisions of capital punishment and life imprisonment have been made if there are deaths due to such liquor.

Till now, there was provision of 5 to ten years of jail term in cases of deaths due to liquor consumption. The fine was also less. If spurious liquor is seized, jail term will be six to ten years, compared to existing provisions--six months to four year jail term. Besides, now there will be a fine of Rs 20 lakh on the culprits, once law is approved in the Assembly and later gets Governor's ascent.

Hence, the law has been made stringent. Any attack on police or excise wing by liquor mafia would be dealt with even more severely. There will be arrests without any warrant. In other respects too, like physical damage due to liquor consumption, there has been similar tough provisions compared to existing Excise Law.