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'Massive campaign to boycott NPR now, messages outside homes asking enumerators to go back'

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

A non-cooperation movement with regards to the national population register (NPR) is taking shape in the country.

Citizens are putting up messages outside their homes for the NPR enumerators that they are not welcome. Already, this has begun in some parts and the leaders-activists are announcing it in different parts of the country as well. 

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress legislator Arif Masood has announced that every household would reject NPR and there would be messages asking the enumerators to stay off. Incidentally, Congress in the state has said that it will not conduct NPR in Madhya Pradesh though several other Congress-ruled states are yet to take a stand.

Masood says that the NPR is illegal, as the parliament hadn't given the powers to lower rung officials to ask such details. 'The government has violated it in principle and the NPR is not acceptable to us", he said. "There will be a stong push against NPR and we will totally boycott it".

Masood said that a massive movement against CAA, NPR and NRC will begin and the slogan apart from message to enumerators outside homes would be displayed. "Had they conducted it on the basis of 2003, there won't have been any opposition. But they added six more questions".

"People from the poor sections, especially, dalits, backwards and tribals will face huge problems as well. If any officer in MP issues notification then we want action. It must not be held in MP. Our party president, Sonia Gandhi, has already rejected it".

"I am part of government only as long as citizens' issues are given priority and people get justice", he added. In Hyderabad, the move is afoot to stop NPR. Stickers and messages are already circulating and have been posted at the entrance of houses, reports the Deccan Chronicle.

It quotes the citizens that the message has been put up on display, as it is the only alternative now to peacefully express their opposition. Among other non-BJP ruled states, West Bengal and Kerala have taken a clear stand and said that NPR would not be implemented. The Congress leades have often said that they would not implement NPR but big states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are yet to take a strong stand. 

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

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