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SHAME: SRK College in Firozabad bans girls wearing burqa, principal chases them with baton

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LUCKNOW: In a shocking incident, a college in Uttar Pradesh banned entry of girls wearing burqa. 

Worse, the college principal was seen wielding his baton and charging at girls, forcing them to leave the campus.

This happened in Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh. The college claimed that it was enforcing 'dress code'. Hence, the principal stood outside and carrying the 'danda', shouted 'bhago, bhago' and chased the girls away. 

The Muslim girls who wear burqa, normally take it off once they enter the campus or the class room. However, in a sudden decision, the authorities claimed that it was violating the dress code and forcibly stopped their entry in the college campus.

VIDEO: Principal wielding baton, stopping girls wearing burqa from entering the college

Surprisingly, policemen were present on the spot, supporting the principal's action. A video also came out showing principal stopping the girls and asking them to leave, while police personnel stand around him. In fact, the policemen outside the college ask the girls to take off veil.

When local media approached the district magistrate, he termed it an 'internal issue' of the college. But if it was an internal issue, how could police take side of the college and support the principal in harassing the girls and allowing the mistreatment-misbehaviour with the girls!