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CM Chouhan in favour of uniform civil code; committee being formed in MP

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 Senior Correspondent

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that he is in favour of implementing a Uniform Civil Code in the country. A committee is being formed for this in the state.

“Time has come in India that a Uniform Civil Code should be implemented. Why should anyone marry more than one? Why should there be two constitutions in one country, there should be only one. If there is a right to have one wife in the Uniform Civil Code, then there should be only one wife,” the CM said.

Addressing a PESA Act awareness programme in Barwani, Chouhan said that decisions related to water, forests and land will now be taken from village chaupal and not from Bhopal.

He further said that the PESA Act provides tribal brothers and sisters their rights of water, forest, land, labour and protection and promotion of local institutions, traditions and culture. The Chief Minister said that corruption will not be tolerated under any circumstances in the implementation of schemes and government works. The CEO of Sendhwa janpad has been suspended over a similar complaint.

 The CM said in the development blocks where the PESA Act has been implemented, it is necessary for the people to be aware of its provisions and their rights. Gram Sabhas will be constituted to implement the provisions of the Act. All gram sabhas will be empowered. It should be the effort of all of us to make Gram Sabhas with social harmony.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that even the government will not be able to take land directly without the consent of the Gram Sabha. Those who fraudulently grab land and get it transferred in their name will not be spared. With PESA Act, now no one will be able to grab someone’s land by deceit, fraud and force. If any person does this, the Gram Sabha will also have the right to intervene and retrieve it. He said that the government will not be able to give lease of sand, clay, stone or any other quarry in the notified area without the permission of the Gram Sabha.

Awareness rallies to converge at Tantya Mama's martyrdom site

Chouhan said that the PESA Act has been implemented in the state on November 15. Awareness rallies are being taken out in the state to publicize the provisions of the Act, which will converge on December 4 at Tantya Mama's martyrdom day in Indore. Here the tribal hero’s statue will be unveiled and a huge convention will also take place.

Minister of New and Renewable Energy and Barwani district in-charge Hardeep Singh Dang, Animal Husbandry Minister Premsingh Patel, Rajya Sabha MP Sumer Singh Solanki, MP Gajendra Singh Patel, former minister Antar Singh Arya along with public representatives and officials were present.