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Indore: Policeman pulls hair, kicks, punches youth on street after snatching bike's key

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INDORE: A policeman allegedly beat up a youth--kicking and pulling his hair apart from slapping him in full public view.

The youth, Rameshwar Yadav, was riding the bike along with his friends. There were three people riding the bike, which is against the norms.

The policeman, Hargopal Pandey, stopped them. He snatched the bike's key and there was an argument over it.

However, the policeman suddenly started hitting Rameshwar. The victim was kicked, punched, slapped and his hair pulled. The shocking scene caught people by surprise. It was video recorded and the footage was shared on social media. Soon, it went viral.

Citizens said that if the person was at fault, there should have been a proper action in the form of challan [penalty] but the misconduct was shocking. They objected to the manner in which a person was being publicly beaten and expressed concern over the rowdy behaviour. 

Hargopal is an Assistant Sub-Inspector with the Indore police, and was posted with the Central Kotwali. The complainant said that he was beaten up,his neck was also grabbed and he was pushed into police jeep. The incident had occurred at Maharani Road on November 21, 2021.

After the incident of violence was reported, the policeman has been shifted to the district reserve police line but no other action has been taken. The officials have said that the statements of both the sides would be recorded as part of a proper inquiry before any further action.