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Rs 36.88 lakh power bill given to Urdu poet Manzar Bhopali, department later admits mistake

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BHOPAL: Renowned Urdu poet Manzar Bhopali got a shock in the form of power bill.

The poet was handed over a bill of Rs 36.86 lakh for a month's electricity charge.

Surprised, he shared his woes with the media and also urged authorities to redress the complaint. 

According to the poet, he got the bill for the month of May 2021. He was surprised to find that there was a consumption of 4,00,000 units of electricity shown in the bill. The amount he was supposed to pay was Rs 36.86 lakh. Upset, he spoke to media persons. Also, he recited the couplet: 

jo saza aapne di munasib magar

Ham gunahgaar kyoon hain, pata to chale

Subsequently, the power distribution company officials were informed. They accepted that there was a mistake because it was almost impossible to have such a huge consumption in a house in a period of one month. Later, it was found that the meter is fixed at a height and the new meter reader had made an erroneous reading of consumption--nearly by ten times.