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Farmer forced to carry official on his back as water level rises in Sindh river in MP

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Ranjeet Gupta

SHIVPURI: A farmer had to carry an official on his back, while crossing the river. 

This incident has occurred in Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh. 

As the water level has gone up and crops suffered damage, the patwari had arrived for inspection.

But when water level went up, a farmer had to carry him on his back, to help him cross the water and take him to safety. The patwari, Piyush Rajput, had come to check the extent of damage to the crops. 

However, in Sakhnor, the water level kept rising and as hence a farmer had to carry him. This is not the first such incident though. Earlier too officials have been carried through water in similar fashion. 

Even chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was carried in a similar fashion though water level was not so high. It was just to ensure that the top boss and his dress didn't get wet. Though officials said that it was necessary as CM requires security.

Ranjeet Gupta

A senior journalist, Ranjeet Gupta overs Gwalior-Chambal region. He has had a long stint in journalism and has worked with major dailies including Dainik Bhaskar in the past.