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Mumbai cab driver forced to chant 'Jai Shri Ram', brutally beaten, case registered against three persons

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MUMBAI: In yet another incident of hate crime, a Muslim youth was allegedly beaten up and forced to chant the slogan, Jai Shri Ram. 

This incident had occurred at Thane near Mumbai, a few days ago but has come to light now.

The victim, Faisal Usman Khan, 25, who drives Ola cab, was trying to start the taxi when it broke down on way. 

According to FIR, three youths riding a bike questioned why he had stopped the car all of a sudden. Later, they began thrashing him, especially, after they came to know about his religious identity. 

The complainant said that he begged them not to thrash him and cried, Ya Allah, which made them force him to chant the slogan, Jai Shri Ram. Of late, several such incidents have occurred across the country in which Muslim men were beaten and forced to chant the slogan. 

Tabrez Ansari, a newly wed youth, was brutally beaten up and made to chant the slogan in Jharkhand. He later died. All over India, people staged protests and in at least 50 cities, demonstrations were held. However, the trend of right-wing extremists forcing Muslims to forcibly chant the slogan, has caught on. 

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case in this regard. The three persons who allegedly beat up Faisal, have been caught. The police have also booked the accused under section 295 (A) of IPC for maliciously intending to hurt religious feelings. Investigation is on in the case.