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Toxic TV debates: Congress leader Rajiv Tyagi died soon after the loud debate on news channel

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NEW DELHI: In a shocking incident, Congress leader Rajiv Tyagi died of heart attack, soon after his participation in a TV debate.

Tyagi was part of the 'Dangal' programme on Aaj Tak, following which he suffered a heart attack, and was later declared dead.

After his death, questions were raised about the excessively loud and toxic debates on national TV that lead to anxiety even among viewers. 

In the particular programme, Tyagi was termed 'Jaichand' and he was also told that 'just applying tika' won't make him a Hindu. That was BJP's spokesperson Sambit Patra, who made these personal attacks against Tyagi. The news of his death, led to shock across party circles as well as among public.

On social media, people expressed disgust about the high-debel debates that not just lead to acrimonious discussions but also personal attacks, demonizing and targeting individuals as well as communities, apart from spreading poison in the society. Several prominent people appealed that there should be a boycott of such debates.

Many people wrote tributes on Facebook while several others tweeted and urged political party leaders to stop attending programmes as there is no serious discussion, rather, there are sharp attacks, barbs and communal overtones which disrupt harmony and vitiate the atmosphere.