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Hate song controversy: Case registered, four persons taken in custody over inflammatory lyrics

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LUCKNOW: The police have taken action against four persons including the lyricist who had written the controversial song--'Jo na bole Jai Shri Ram....'

The lyrics suggested that those who don't say Jai Shri Ram should be sent to graveyard (qabristan). 

Also, it further goes on to say that people who oppose the song should be buried, particularly, the line--'Jitne bhi hain ab Ram virodhi, unko ab dafnayenge'.

The song was uploaded on YouTube as well and people had demanded action against the lyricist and the company that produced it. Finally, today the Uttar Pradesh police took action and detained four persons in this regard.

Those arrested include Rajesh Kumar Verma, a resident of Lucknow along with Santosh Yadav and Mukesh Pandey, both hailing from Gonda. The singer Varun Upadhyaya alias Varun Bahar has also been taken in custody and is being quizzed, said police. 

Rajesh Verma opeates the YouTube channel Janta Musicals and Pictures that posted it online. Santosh  Yadav and Mukesh Pandey had written th elyrics while Varun is the singer. They have been booked under sections 153(A), 298 of the Indian Penal Code.

The members of the team that uploaded the song, are being interrogated. Of late, such songs have been uploaded at different places and played, leading to controversy. The police said that anybody creating inflammatory content or uploading such songs would be dealt with sternly. 

Several people have been beaten and even lynched in different parts of the country in recent days. In most of these incidents, mob asked the victims to chant the slogan 'Jai Shri Ram'. Most incidents have been reported from Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.