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'Do not allow Saffron to be misused, Pragya Thakur using Ram's name to cover her sins'

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BHOPAL: Actor Swara Bhasker has said Bhagwa (Saffron) must not be misused by people like Pragya Thakur, a terror accused, who is contesting election from Bhopal constituency.

Addressing a press conference in Bhopal, Swara said that BJP's decision to field Pragya was condemnable. She said that misuse of Saffron must not be allowed. 'If I wear a Saffron, will you start calling me Sadhwi?

"No. Bhagwa must be respected and the feeling should come from within. However, those like Pragya Thakur can't be allowed to misuse it". Swara said that Pragya is just using the name of Lord Rama to cover up her sins.

She clearly said that Pragya is a terror accused and Digvijaya Singh is a much better candidate for Bhopal constituency. The Bollywood actor also said that a prime minister must be a representative of all the communities and sections of the society.

"I have gone through the Congress manifesto that focuses on unity, integrity, love and harmony between communities", she added. Swara expressed concern over people getting arrested and jailed for Facebook posts.

Also, she said that her father is a retired army officer and hence she can never be disrespectful towards army. "People spread lies about me and create fake memes".