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Medical team went for vaccination, gets attacked in Ujjain, cases registered, accused arrested

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BHOPAL: A government medical team that went for vaccination drive was attacked and one of its members was grievously injured. 

The incident occurred at Malikhedi near Unhel in Ujjain district on Monday. 

The mob attacked the team members who had gone to persuade the locals to get vaccinated for protection from Coronavirus.

Naib tehsildar Anu Jain had led the team that included Panchayat secretary Vikram Singh Pawar, assistant scretary Reshma, Patwari Vivek Chandak, Auxiliary nurses--Sadhna, Bharti and Asha worker amongst others. However, trouble began when a woman said that the vaccine would affect her adversely.

She refused to get vaccinated and asked that will the officials give her an undertaking about her safety. The team was also abused. Suddenly, the mob gathered and tempers soared. Such was the situation that assistant secretary's husband was attacked with lathi. He got severe head injury and was bleeding profusely.

The naib tehsildar had a tough time saving self, as van's windowpanes were being hit. Later, the police team arrived to control the situation. The main accused, Anand and co-accused Chandu Lal, were booked along with two others. Separate cases were registered for obstructing public servants and attacking them. 

One of the staff members said that the locals refused to get vaccinated and when the officials tried to persuade them, they got angry. People were armed with rods, pipe and sharp-edged weapons. Around 50 people were around the team. "We have arrested the main accused and investigation is on in the case", said a senior official. The area has a large number of Pardhi community members and locals have earlier also refused to get vaccinated.