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Four suicides in 24 hours: Three of them were unemployed and facing financial issues

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NAGPUR: Four suicides were reported in the city in less than 24 hours and three of them included those who had lost employment during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In the first incident, Dharmendra Pal Singh, 37, committed suicide. He was facing financial difficulties and was unable to even pay the power bill. As a result, the electricity supply to his house, was cut, sometime ago. 

Singh hanged himself to death. The body was spotted and later police were informed. Ever since, the lockdown begun, he was facing financial issues. He has left a handwritten note about the circumstances. The police are conducting investigation in this regard. 

Another case of suicide was reported from Kapil Nagar. Yogesh Narendra Mohod, 30, ended his life at his residence in MHADA quarters. He was an auto driver and had lost work during lockdown. His mother managed to run household by working at a few houses but even she lost work. 

The other incident occurred in Gajanan Nagar. Suraj Aasole, 30, committed suicide at his home. He hanged himself by the ceiling fan. Asole was married last year but he worked at a shop and had lost his job. One of the neighbours told media persons that his employer had asked him to leave and even his wife had left the house, sometime ago. 

Apart from these three incidents, another person ended his life in the city. Rajesh Dhanraj, 28, ended his life on Wednesday. He was an electrician. He hanged himself at his home. The police have registered separate cases and begun a probe into the circumstances surrounding the incidents.