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BJP's political vendetta against me is like Nazi atrocities on Jews, says Azam Khan

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Zafar Alam Khan

BHOPAL: Samajwadi Party (SP) heavyweight Azam Khan has been at the receiving end ever since BJP came to power in UP and though his wife managed to win the Rampur by-election, the FIRs and police action against him, have hurt him deeply.

Khan says that the state government used all its might and resources but couldn't defeat his wife who won the recent bypoll election from Rampur. However, the political vendetta--the numerous FIRs against him and his family members, has affected him.

"They registered over 200 cases of petty crimes against me and my relatives. Even my dead mother was not spared and an FIR was filed against her", he rues. "The Yogi Adityanath government crossed all limits, the vendetta and atrocities have been crossed all civilized limits. It can only be matched with the Nazi extremism on Jews", he said.

Khan's voice chokes when he recalls how his family was targeted but claims that despite the political-administrative action targeting him, he insists that he still stands strong and his spirit has not broken. In a visit to Madhya Pradesh, during a recent visit, Khan said that he is still strong and would continue to fight and raise issues.

"Cases of thefts of books, buffalo, goats and hens were registered. It can only happen under BJP rule", laments even time MLA, who has been a minister thrice apart from being a sitting MP. The walls of my house in Rampur are full of government notices and there is not a single member of my family who has not been booked in a doze cases, he added.

Reacting over the decision on Babri Mosque – Ram Janma Bhumi issue, the former UP minister said that it’s good that the old pending contentious issue has been laid to rest, though justice has not been met with the Muslims. The people of UP and rest of the country have taken the decision over the issue with only one view point that this long-pending issue has come to an end and now nobody would be able to take political mileage from it, he added.

The Samajwadi Party leader also said that BJP again came to power at the Centre just because there was no strong alternative -- the opposition remains weak and there is lack of unity. The day opposition parties are able to provide a strong, this government would go.

Zafar Alam Khan

Journalist with over two decade experience, Zafar Alam Khan, has worked in several English newspapers including National Mail and Pioneer.