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They burnt alive 33 people, got life term nine years ago, now get bail from Supreme Court

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

The 14 persons who were convicted for the horrific killings of 33 people who had taken refuge in a house during Gujarat riots, have been granted bail by the Supreme Court. 

Their appeal against High Court verdict is pending with the SC. The killings had taken place in Sardarpura in Mehsana district of Gujarat in 2002. The victims who were in the house to escape the mob, were attacked and set afire by pouring petrol. 

All of them were killed. Such was the situation that the bodies turned into ashes. The killers had got life term much later. Subsequently, the High Court had remarked how the entire three storey building had been reduced to rubble in the fire and commented on the situation that arises due to communal frenzy. 

Initially, 76 persons who were part of the mob were arrested and two of them died during the cours of trial. In November 2011, the court held 31 persons guilty and sentenced them to life imprisonment, though others were acquitted. The SC appointed SIT had investigated the case.

Later, Gujarat High court upheld the life terms for 17 persons and acquitted 14 (out of 31). Now, the Supreme Court has granted bail to the convicts on the condition that they would remain outside Gujarat. The bench headed by CJI ordered the convicts to take up social and spiritual service during the period of bail.

They will not enter Gujarat and will spend this period in Madhya Pradesh--in Jabalpur and Indore. The Madhya Pradesh government has been asked to look after how to get convicts, work for livelihood. The legal authority would file compliance and also send report on their conduct. 

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

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