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Horror: Woman raped, murdered by father as revenge for her inter-caste marriage

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Bhopal/Sehore: In a horrific incident, a woman was allegedly raped and killed by her father who was angry because of her inter-caste marriage.

Apart from the woman, her child was also found dead. Traumatized, the woman's husband committed suicide.

According to police, the woman, a 25-year-old, had married a man nearly 1-1/2 years ago. The newly-wed cople also had an infant child. Suddenly, she was found murdered on November 14 in Sehore district adjoining Bhopal. Five days later, her husband, who was shaken by the incident, ended his life.

This incident has sent shockwaves in the State. The woman belonged to the scheduled caste while her husband came from an other backward caste (OBC). The families of both the man and the woman were unhappy with the relationship. In fact, they had approached police when the couple eloped. But the couple later told police that they were in love and had married.

The woman's middle-aged father, a 55-year-old man had threatened that he would kill them if he came across them. The woman's family was also upset and hence couple lived in a separate place in the same hamlet. “The woman’s father, 55, a farmer by profession, threatened the couple that he would kill them if they ever tried to come back to him or met him".

"The man’s family also refused to accept the woman who came from another caste and the couple started living at a different place, away from their families, in the same village. Then, the woman gave birth to a baby eight months ago and the man’s family accepted the baby, but not the woman.

Recently, woman's husband went to Raipur for a month in connection with his work. She, however, decided to meet her sister in Bhopal. But her child fell ill. Her sister informed her father and bother who took the woman to a forest and killed her. The police said that the woman was raped by her own father before the murder. The child's body was also found lying nearby.

This incident was known after the bodies of the woman and her eight-month-old baby were found. Her husband who worked with a tent house, told police that she had no mobile phone and when he called the house owner to speak to her, he came to know that she hadn't returned. Later, he came to know about her murder as well as the child's death.

Days later, he committed suicide because of this trauma. Local residents say that the families were not ready to accept the inter-caste marriage. Worse, after the arrest, the middle-aged man didn't show sign of remorse and was smiling, said police. "He had no regrets and said that he was aware of his daughter's fate. He said that she deserved it", said a police official.