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Superstition: Woman kills son to propitiate the Goddess in Madhya Pradesh, arrested

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BHOPAL: In a shocking case of suspected human sacrifice, a woman hacked to death her own son.

This incident occurred in Panna district in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. 

The woman attacked her 24-year-old son with an axe, causing his death. 

According to police, the injuries were fatal and he died instantly. The woman claimed that she offered her son, Dwarka, to the Goddess. Of late, she believed that this was needed to propitiate the deity. 

The woman, Suniya Lodhi, has been arrested. Dwarka was killed in his sleep. After killing the son, she went to her family members and told them husband, 'Main ne apna kaam kar diya, bali ho gayi' (I have done my work, he has been sacrificed'. She has been charged with murder and arrested.

The woman, a 50-year-old was turning superstitious lately. Also, she felt that she was experiencing the Goddess' experience. But no one had anticipated that this would lead to such an incident. The police personnel were deployed in Kohni (Panna) where the murder took place. Investigation is on in the case.