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SHOCKING: Woman had killed husband, concealed body with lover's help, killed latter too

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BHOPAL: A woman had murdered her husband and had managed to conceal the crime for almost five years.

She was in a relationship with her brother-in-law and when husband discovered, she killed him and buried the body in the spetic tank.

For five years, she managed to keep it secret and told others that her husband had left her and the children, to stay with someone else.

However, the murder was detected recently and the skeleton was found in the septic tank of the house. This was discovered when police caught her for another murder--the latest, her brother-in-law.

The shocking turn of events were revealed recently when the police found that a body was lying near Kalia Sot river in Bhopal. Pigs, stray dogs were gnawing a body. The local residents were questioned and the person was identified as Mohan, a resident of Damkheda in Kolar.

The police found that he used to live with his sister-in-law. During investigation it was revealed that the woman, Urmila, 40, with the help of her teenaged son and daughter, killed Mohan, 25, and threw the body. The police found that her husband, Randeep, was missing for a long time and no one was sure about his whereabouts.

Locals said that she used to claim that he had left to Mandideep, a town near Bhopal, and that she was in touch with him over phone.But no one had seen him for five years. Suspicious, the police tried to find out and the woman accepted that she had a relationship with her brother-in-law, Mohan and hence, she had killed her husband and buried the body in the septic tank, five years ago.

Her kids were aware but she had warned them, not to inform anyone. Of late, she got irritated with Mohan too, and decided to 'eliminate' her. Hence, Urmila along with her teenaged son and daughter, attacked him repeatedly with iron rod and baton on the head until he fell unconscious.

"They carried the body and as pigs arrived to devour it, they couldn't go further and abandoned him. He was still alive but died. The stray pigs attacked him and later the body was found", said an investigating officer. The police also recovered her husband's skeleton after digging the house. Urmila has been charged with murders. [Photo: Felipe Vallin, Pexels]