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Serial killer involved in inter-state organ trade, jumped parole, arrested in Delhi

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NEW DELHI: Six months after a serial killer jumped parole, the narcotics wing of the police have caught him.

Devendra Sharma, 62, who was serving life imprisonment, was involved in nearly 100 murders. Part of an organised racket that was engaged in illegal organ transplanting, he was mastermind in killing of truck and taxi drivers, whose bodies were later thrown in canal.

Sharma, an Ayurvedic medical practioner, had confessed that he was running an inter-state kidney racket. He had accepted murdering taxi and truck drivers. He was arrested and later convicted for life. However, he recently got released on parole, Sharma escaped.

He married a widow and was staying in hiding. One of the biggest serial killers of Haryana and the region, he was living in Bapraula. In January, he had jumped parole. After nearly six months, on July 28, the police got a tip-off and nabbed him. He has beeen arrested and sent to jail.

He had a degree in Ayurvedic medicines from Bihar, and later ran a clinic in Jaipur for 11 years. In early 1990s, he got into crime. He got around 125 kidneys that cost around Rs 5-7 lakh per kidney. In 2004, he was arrested in Gurugram for the kidney racket and for the killings.

Later, in 2008, he was convicted and given life term. The bodies were dumped in Hazra Canal in Kasganj, police had said. As there were crocodiles, there as hardly any chance of any body being recovered later. He was convicted and awarded life sentence. The escape was a big blow to the police. However, he has now been arrested and sent back to prison. 

The investigation into the mystery surrounding dozens of missing taxi drivers, finally led the police to Devendra Sharma. Mostly, he would take taxi for Aligarh, use rope to strangulate the driver. The biggest challenge was that bodies were not even found.After all ways--surveillance, interrogation with history-sheeters, police found one clue.

The sketch of the man who had got a taxi, hired, was made. Plain-clothed persons were deployed at the bus, taxi stands. He was arrested when he was again taking a taxi to Aligarh. Termed 'Dr Death', the most wanted killer of Haryana, he had told police that he had stopped counting after 100 killings