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Young couple's faces blackened, paraded with shoes around neck in Uttar Pradesh

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LUCKNOW: In a shameful incident, a young couple was mistreated and paraded with shoes around their necks.

The teenaged couple was beaten and also their faces were blackened.

All this just because they were in love and the local villagers 'taught them a lesson' by subjecting them to such public humiliation. 

The teenaged couple hails from Gaur in Basti. Their relationship irked the local residents and this was brought before the panchayat. It was decided to punish the couple. The faces were blackened, they were made to wear garlands of shoes and footwear.

Subsequently, they were paraded throughout the village. They were beaten up and insulted. Incidentally, both the girl and the youth belong to the same community. Still, as they were seen talking together, it was considered an 'offence' and they were given such a punishment. 

A video of this incident, later went viral. The police sent the couple for medication. A case has been registered in this regard. The Basti police have launched an investigation and efforts are on to catch those who were involved in insulting the couple apart from the assault and public humiliation. [The faces of not just the couple but also other teenager(s) seen in picture have been concealed so as to avoid identification]