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LAWLESS: Right-wing group targets minors, thrashes, humiliates, shoots videos in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: In a shocking display of lawlessness, members of a right-wing group thrashed and humiliated a group of teenagers who were celebrating a birthday. 

The assailants under the aegis of Sanskriti Bachao Manch (SBM) entered the premises of a restaurant-cum-bar in, and assaulted the teenagers.

Some of them were constantly making videos of the boys and girls, many of whom were minors. One of the video that later came out, shows SBM leader holding a boy with his hair, using objectionable language and humilating them. 

The Sanskriti Bachao Manch [Save Culture Front] is led by Chandrashekhar Tiwari, who is associated with the BJP. He has been involved in moral policing in Bhopal in the past too. However, in this incident, SBM activists were brazen and used extremely foul language, expressing outrage over presence of Hindu and Muslims teens, together, in the party. 

After the incident on Wednesday night, the police arrived. However, instead of taking action against the SBM men, the juvenile unit of the police begun probe. The officials said that samples would be taken to probe the veracity of allegations that the teenagers were inhaling nicotine at the party.

However, there has been no FIR or action against the attackers for storming into the premises, assaulting the teenagers, humiliating them publicly and forcibly recording videos of the minors. The self-styled culture guardians try to enforce their writ, running a parallel administration, questioning and harassing youths, which undermines the authority of the administration. Yet, action has not been taken.

What's WRONG

Firstly, no one has the right to take law into their hands. If there is an issue, it should be brought to the attention of the authorities. It's the job of police or departments concerned to take action. Further, no one can create lawlessness or give an impression that they have the authority to threaten or assault.

Even worse, the victims included girls, many of them were minors. Such a situation needs deft handling. If, at all, there was any reason to complain, the police should have first arrived, women personnel to deal with it, not a group of hoodlums who can pull hair, punch or shoot videos. This undermines authority of the state and can't be tolerated.