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SHOCKING: Man loses wife in gambling, asked 'friends' to rape her, then pours acid

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PATNA: In a horrific incident, a man 'lost' his wife in gambling and then asked his 'friends' to gang-rape her. 

Worse, he later poured acid on her, claiming that this was meant for her 'purification'. 

The police said that the victim has got injured and was admitted to the hospital. The accused has been arrested.

According to police, the victim is a 30-year-old woman, hailing from Mujahidpur in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Her husband, Sonu, was gambling with his friends. But when he had no money left, he put his wife on the stake. But Sonu again lost and asked his friends to have sexual intercourse with her. 

Horrified, she refused but he kept on insisting. The woman resisted and he also threw acid on her. The victim received severe burn injuries. The accused' family tried to hide the incident. Somehow, she managed to reach her parents' house and then the FIR was lodged in this regard.

During investigation it was found that Sonu had committed that she would have to submit to his friends and will have to also live with the winner for a month. As the information came out, police registered a case against the accused. He has been arrested and is being interrogated.

This is not the first such incident. Such cases get reported from other parts of the country too. Another man in Jaunpur (UP) had also lost his wife and let friends gang rape her, last year. In that case, the victim had approached the court and subsequently police were ordered to register a case.