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Doctor couple involved in double murder shot dead in broad daylight in Bharatpur

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Senior Correspondent

BHARATPUR: In an audacious revenge crime, a doctor couple was shot dead in their car on a busy road in broad daylight in Rajasthan's Bharatpur town.

The accused have been identified as brother and cousin of a woman who had been killed in November 2019 along with her minor son.

The doctor couple – Dr Sudeep Gupta and Dr Seema Gupta were accused in this dual murder and they were out on bail. Dr Seema and her mother-in-law Sulekha are the prime accused in the case.

According to information available, the doctor couple were accosted by the two bike-borne assailants near Shree Radhe Chouraha who blocked the car with their bike. In a viral video of the incident caught on CCTV, one of the youths, riding pillion with a scarf on his face, is seen walking to the driver side of the car driven by Dr Sudeep Gupta.

After saying something, the assailant is seen shooting Dr Sudeep first and then Dr Seema at a close range. Police said that Dr Sudeep succumbed on the spot while Dr Seema died in the hospital where she was taken. The killer then fired shots in the air, apparently to scare off passersby and fled on the opposite side on the motorbike that was driven by a youth with an uncovered face.

This youth was standing by when the killer fired the shots at the couple in the car. The accused, on the basis of the CCTV footage have been identified as Anuj Gurjar and Mahesh Gurjar – brother and paternal first cousin of Deepa Gurjar, 25, who was killed with her six-year-old son in November 2019. The youth are yet to be arrested.

According to the information available, Dr Sudeep Gupta was in an illicit relationship with Deepa who worked as his receptionist once. Dr Gupta had allegedly allowed Deepa and her son to reside in a posh bungalow belonging to the doctor couple. Things came to a boil on November 7, 2019 when Dr Seema, who had an inkling of her husband's affair, came across an invitation card to the opening Deepa's beauty parlour.

The card included the name of Dr Sudeep as one of the invitors. Dr Seema allegedly shared her anger with her mother in law and the two women went to confront Deepa at the bungalow. Dr Seema has allegedly carried a bottle of a highly inflammable chemical with her.

After a heated argument with Deepa, Dr Seema allegedly locked her and her son in a room of the bungalow and set the house afire, burning both alive. Deepa had reportedly made a frantic call to her brother Anuj while being locked in the room. Anuj had reportedly arrived on the scene on a bike, but could not save his sister and nephew. He himself sustained severe burn injuries and was hospitalised for several days. Anuj had allegedly sworn revenge against the doctor couple.