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Girls attacked, thrown in forest; Live-in partners who planned it have been arrested

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BHOPAL: Two women were taken to a desolate place, attacked with knives and one of them hit with stone on the head, before they were abandoned by their live-in partners.

The girls, who were critically injured, were found injured by an ambulance driver and hence they could be taken to hospital and saved. The duo--Karan Singh Parihar and Nikhil Gaur, were later arrested.

This shocking incident occurred in Raisen district that borders Bhopal. The girls, who live in Ashoka Garden in Bhopal, were in a relationship with these two youths. The girls are sisters. Their partners attacked them with knives, hit one of them with stone on the head.

The assailants felt the girls had died and left them abandoned in the valley. The girls were critically injured, injuries on face and head, marks and deep wounds. An ambulance driver saw them and subsequently, they could be rescued, brought to the hospital and treated.

The girls later recorded their statements in front of police. They said that the duo had taken them on a false pretext, first boarding a bus that took them from Bhopal to Silwani, then taking them to Jamunia Ghati. There was another youth, Ankit, who is the accused duo's friend and he was also involved in the attack.

During interrogation, police found that one of the girls had to undergo abortion thrice and the girls were asking their partners for marriage, hence, the partners decided to 'eliminate' them. Both the accused, Karan and Nikhil, along with Ankit have been arrested. The police are interrogating them.