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Man strangles wife to death with dog's leash, stabs her to death two months after marriage

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INDORE: Just two months after the marriage, a man allegedly murdered his wife in the posh Jaora Compound in Indore.

According to police, Harsh Sharma, 22, strangled his wife Anshu with the dog's leash. After strangling her, he repeatedly stabbed her, until she died.

Harsh had married Anshu, in the month of August. It was a love marriage and the families of both the bride and the groom, were not in favour of the marriage. However, they decided to go ahead with their plans and married.

Harsh owns a company that deals in organic products. Anshu had come to his company for job and as he liked her, he proposed her. Soon after the marriage, there was trouble as Harsh would get suspicious whenever she spoke to others on her mobile phone. This led to frequent rows and altercations between the husband and the wife. 

It was a similar nasty argument on the day. In a fit of anger, he attacked Anshu and strangled her. After multiple stabbings, when he killed her, Harsh informed her father and later went to the police station. The accused has been arrested and charged with murder. The Indore police are conducting investigation in the case.